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Your Fitness Trainer George Basargin

About our Fitness Personalized Program

If you have done your research on personal training before, or even trained with a personal trainer, you might have realized that most of the companies would try to sell you on a long-term contract. Why? Because that's how they make money. The longer your credit card is being charged, the more money they make.

I, on the other hand, partner up with you for six weeks and you lose 30 pounds. As simple as that! And best of all, you will know how to keep it off!!! I have done this over and over with consistent results for my clients. Matter of fact, that’s what I’ve built my business on: 100% referrals from my happy customers.

Your Fitness Program

My program is designed to give you fast results, so you do not have to spend thousands of dollars for years to reach your goals. You can look and feel great in just six weeks! And, most importantly, it is safe. Several doctors were very impressed by this program and the results that it has helped achieve.

I will provide you with a customized plan to follow during the 6-week program. You will understand more about fitness and nutrition, and therefore, keep your weight off for the rest of your life.

Our Program is one-stop. It includes everything you need to achieve your goal. No need to look for a nutritionist or get disappointed by another trainer.

Our program includes:

  • Six weeks of customized personal one-on-one training with me where you will learn and practice the most exciting and unique workouts you've ever seen in your life. It will include aerobic and anaerobic exercises like reverse jumping, negative weight lifting, ancient static muscle building, and very cool kickboxing moves if you wish,
  • Customized exercise program for you to do at home in your spare time without the need for any equipment,
  • Personalized Nutrition Guide, based on your eating habits and lifestyle, with our own Supplier of organic products which could be delivered to your door every week,
  • Six months of telephone and e-mail support to keep you motivated,
  • And last but not least, the priceless knowledge you will acquire and lifelong friendship with your trainer.

About Your Trainer

Personal trainer George Basargin

Let me tell you first about myself. I am originally from Russia. I've been in sports as both an amateur and professional athlete since I was five years old. I started as a swimmer and trained competitively for eight years. Then I moved to martial arts and competed till I was twenty five. I graduated from medical school in 1991. I am over forty now and feel and look better than when I was twenty. Aside from working as a personal trainer, I currently own one of the most successful Martial Arts Schools in Vancouver

What makes me different from other personal trainers is life experience. I've been in sports since I was five. I've been out of shape at times and put myself "back in the saddle"! I am now in the best possible shape! Everything I teach comes from personal experience, not some course materials. My Medical background helps a lot with teaching my clients about human body and how to stay healthy and slim. They say "We are what we eat". And I know exactly what you should eat and how to improve your eating habits. Knowledge is power. And I got it! But best of all ... Now you can have it too!

I promise you that the next six weeks can be the biggest life changing experience in your life, like it's been to so many others!

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